2015 Top Small Business Lawyers

Liza Chollet, The Kohn Partnership, LLP

Years of experience: 4

What are the biggest challenges you face when helping business owners?
Business owners often contact me when they need to correct a mistake that’s severely impacting, or even impeding, their day-to-day operations – and it’s usually due to poor planning. Small-business owners spend most of their time working in their business rather than on their business and reacting to crises after they arise.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve seen business owners make, and what advice would you give to solve the problem?
Many business owners do not have experience in operating a business and try to do everything themselves. Too often this means that their financial records are complete chaos such that there is no way to determine the health of the business. All business owners should have a professional preparing their books and a tax attorney who can explain the current financial health of the business.

Where does your motivation to help businesses grow come from?
I get a thrill taking part in helping business owners realize their dreams and improving their quality of life.