Business Law & Commercial Practice

No matter how complex the transaction or how seemingly simple the task, our experienced attorneys can help you maximize your revenue, minimize your exposure and plan for future protections. Our attorneys excel at providing comprehensive and creative legal solutions to clients faced with modern-day business challenges. Our business driven approach, 40 years of specialized knowledge and personal one-on-one service allow our firm to compete with even the largest of law firms. Rather than choose a large firm where practice is more generalized and your case is handled by a team of staffers, choose the firm with the specialized knowledge to get you results and the personal attention to make your case a priority.

Since we specialize in business law we have the unique ability and highly-focused knowledge to provide solutions, even in the face of what seems like a crisis. We work with clients and companies of all sizes and complexities. In today’s business climate, it is no longer enough to simply know the correct answer from a corporate law perspective. It is imperative, that your lawyer knows the tax and financial reporting consequence of each and every legal transaction. Below are some of the transactions that we work with every day.

  • Selection and Establishment of Corporate Entity

  • Corporate Tax Planning

  • Corporate Creditor Protection

  • Acquisitive and Divestiture Agreements

  • Preparation and Negotiation of Commercial Agreements

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Stock Transactions

  • Exchange Transactions

  • Restructuring and Reorganization

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Employment Matters

  • Noncompetition Agreements

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Legal Risk Management

  • Legal Crisis Management

  • And many more…

We have dealt with projects of all levels of complexity and can handle even the most complex high-dollar business transactions. However, we also like working with average businesses that most need our help. Unlike many attorneys who practice in “Ivory Towers,” we know what it is like to fight for credit, protect assets and limit exposures all the while remaining cognizant of the impact that changes can have in a businesses financial statement. When you or your business have a great deal on the line, there are is no better firm to protect your assets and interests.


Business Law and Commercial Practice